Coaching is a journey we will embark on together.

You are the expert for your life.

I am your open and supportive sparring partner.


As your coach I will be at your side and support you in finding solutions and fresh perspectives regarding your personal and professional life.

You will discover the resources you have, learn to look at challenges from multiple perspectives and develop individual solutions and strategies for dealing with them.

I usually recommend 5-7 sessions.

Coaching – What are the Steps?

Based on the model by Rauen & Steinhübel

Get SMART in these Areas:

You Can Choose Between the Following Formats:

Individual Coaching

Are you looking for personal or professional growth?


Leadership, diversity, change, intercultural work environments – these are just a few of the areas in which I can coach and support you to:

  • Discover and tap into your own resources
  • See the world  in a new and clearer light
  • Perceive challenges in your personal or professional life in a new and clearer light
  • Realize the immense potential for growth that lies in every challenge and develop strategies for dealing with them
  • Actually reach your goals

Group Coaching

Would you like to see your employees grow, work together productively and communicate more efficiently, constructively, and mindfully?


Individually tailored activities and group discussions will enable your employees to

  • Realize the strength and potential they possess individually and as a group
  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Accept and appreciate diverse points of view
  • Discover and activate the resources present in the group
  • Set and ultimately reach joint goals

Coaching for Diverse Teams

Do you work in a diverse team and/or on virtual projects? Have both change and diversity become part of your everyday work life?


My coachings for diverse teams will help your to

  • heighten your awareness and understanding for the challenges and power that lie in diversity 
  • create an appreciation of the diverse perspectives and potentials present in your team
  • develop effective a common team language to ensure smooth virtual and intercultural communication
  • ensure that roles are distributed according to individual strengths in your team 
  • increase team performance and ensure the team goals are met