Intercultural Competence

Do you work across borders? Have you asked yourself why your international colleague reacts in an unexpected manner, hasn't answered your emails or doesn't do what you had agreed upon?


Different cultures have different working, negotiating, and communication styles.


In my trainings you will discover and learn to understand these different approaches. You will know how to react authentically and with an open mind in intercultural situations and thus ensure success in an ever more global work environment.

Get Smart in these Areas:

I Offer the Following Formats:

  • Global Leadership Trainings:
    • "Diversity as Strength!"
  • Multicultural Team Building Trainings:
    • "There is an incredible amount of creativity, agility and competence in every international team that is just waiting to be revealed!"
  • Cultural Awareness Trainings:
    • "One world, many cultures, unlimited opportunities!"
  • Culturally Specific Expat Trainings:
    • "Welcome to your new home and work culture!"

Global Leadership Trainings

How do I lead an international team successfully?


My customized and interactive trainings will enable you to:

  • Improve your international leadership skills
  • Understand the impact culture has on leadership styles
  • Communicate more effectively with your international employees
  • Develop strategies for mindful and supportive leadership in a globalized setting
  • Recognize and tap into the potential and cultural strenghts of your diverse employees

Multicultural Team Building Trainings

How can we benefit from the diversity of our international team and become even more successful?


My trainings incorporate real life experiences which teach you to:

  • Discover the challenges and potentials of an international team
  • Identify individual strengths and harness them to ensure more effective team work
  • Develop and implement successful communication strategies
  • Heighten team performance
  • Set common goals and reach them
  • Create an inclusive and mindful atmosphere in a diverse setting

Cultural Awareness Trainings

How does culture influence the effectiveness of global teams and the outcome of international projects?


My tailor-made and interactive trainings will lead you to:

  • Become aware of your own cultural glasses
  • Discover other cultural glasses
  • Get to know different communication and working styles
  • Successfully communicate across cultures
  • Develop effective strategies for working internationally

The Americas / Germany & Expat Trainings

How can I work, live and communicate successfully in the USA, Germany, Brazil, and Uruguay?


In my dynamic and carefully designed trainings you will learn to:

  • Become aware of the specific values, behaviors, and beliefs of your target culture
  • Recognize potential challenges and transform them into opportunities
  • Communicate effectively with people from your target culture
  • Be interculturally competent in any situation
  • Manage the transition process successfully