Intercultural Competence

Do you work in a global setting? Have you asked yourself why your international colleague reacts in an unexpected manner, hasn't answered your emails or doesn't do what you had agreed upon?


Different cultures have different working, negotiating, and communication styles.


In my trainings you will discover and learn to understand these different approaches. You will know how to react authentically and with an open mind in intercultural situations and thus ensure success in an ever more global work environment.

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Unconscious Bias & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

While we all work in diverse environments and teams, we are not all aware of the diversity that surrounds us and the impact our own unconscious biases have on the decisions we make, the behaviors we exhibit, and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. 


In my trainings you will discover and learn to understand the unconscious biases that guide you. You will assess how diverse your current environment is, and develop strategies to unleash the potential that lies in the multitude of perspectives, stories, ideas, and attitudes. 

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