"A big 'thank you' to Annette Sickert Karam for the Cultural Briefing USA that she facilitated for my wife Vanessa and me. The day was extremely interesting and both Vanessa and I learned a lot. The time spent with Annette shortly before our move to the USA was immensely valuable to us. It was truly a great investment. Annette proved to be extremely competent and empathic, and the training was immensely informative."

Giovanni Palazzo, President & CEO, Electrify America LLC


"Being coached by Annette is like being subtly guided on your personal journey! Annette accompanied me on my journey for almost a year - once to twice a month - and looking back, I can truly see the impact that her subtle guidance had on achieving my personal and professional goals. Throughout  my studies and work I have been coached several times and I need to say that Annette really understands the essence of coaching. She is very empathetic and focused, and supports you in finding the direction that best suits you. Due to her extensive prior work experience she is very professional and always well prepared. She knew which tools would help me reach the needed output that would get me closer to my goals. Moreover, I appreciate her flexibility to do both in person coaching, and virtual sessions, when my travels around the globe required that. I would recommend Annette without a doubt!"

Laura Thiel, Business Developer & Product Manager at the US-Dutch Startup Topl


"The Brazil Training with Annette Sickert Karam was entertaining and very informative. The friendly, open atmosphere invited participation and made it possible to understand the most relevant cultural differences between Brazil and Germany in an entertaining manner. At the same time, the training enabled the creation of effective strategies for facing both professional and everyday life challenges, as well as allowing for practice with the use of role plays. I absolutely recommend it!"

Tom Maes, VP Sales South America, Deutsche Lufthansa AG


"Annette is an incredibly empathetic, creative and positive colleague and coach. Due to her extensive international experience she is able to discern the different cultural glasses through which we look at the world and which inform our approach towards the challenges and opportunities life presents us with. She knows exactly which tools are the best for each client, and she coaches effortlessly in four languages: German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

Prof. Dr. phil. Manuel Tusch, Dipl. Psychologe, Professor for Consulting, Mediation, and Coaching, Author 


"My wife and I attended the Germany training with Annette Sickert Karam after I had already been in Germany for two months. It was simply excellent! It very clearly pointed out the main differences between Brazilian and German culture and the effect these differences have on the work environment, and it made me reach a much better understanding of my German colleagues. The explanation of the different phases of culture shock and the strategies for dealing with each phase were also extremely helpful. Another plus was the fact that it was held in Portuguese. I strongly recommend this training to anyone moving to Germany."

Fernando Kneip Ferreira, Head of Leadership and Management Programs, MAN Bus & Truck AG


"I had been looking forward to moving to the USA and the professional challenges that awaited me there, even before attending the USA training with Annette Sickert Karam. After the training, I felt even better,  and extremely well prepared.  The training was tailored specifically to the region in the USA that I was moving to, and to my professional and personal needs. I learned a lot about US communication and working styles, but I also became aware of German culture and my own values: my own cultural glasses, so to speak. To anybody who is in doubt if an intercultural training for the USA is time well spent, I can say unequivocally:  if it is a training with Annette Sickert Karam it is worth every minute!"

Dr. Marten Schläfke, Manager Material Cost Controlling, Volkswagen Group of America


"The USA Training with Annette Sickert Karam exceeded all my expectations; it was tailored individually to my situation and that of my family and left enough space for addressing all my questions. Not only were work-, communication-, and leadership styles mentioned, but my own personal situation was also carefully considered. The comparison of German and American values and the creation of an awareness of the cultural glasses were especially helpful. The immense experience Annette had in relation to the United States was instantly and constantly obvious. I would recommend this training to all who are confronted with a professional challenge in the US."

Executive, LSG Sky Chefs